Not just the background for life (or the lift) but a force that transcends boundaries and brings people together, that explains and illustrates moods, focuses thoughts, inspires creativity and helps understanding beyond the powers of language. Entertainment of course, but so much more.

Never be without music in your life.

A self-indulgent 10

Just a little fun to bring a smile and lift the mood...

Face the Music

A BBC TV panel game inspired me to listen to all sorts of music as a child. Thank you Joseph Cooper, Richard Baker, Joyce Grenfell and, most of all, Robin Ray with your "spine tinglers" - you started my lifelong search for the music that reaches places that nothing else reaches...

Childhood memories

Childhoods of the late 60s and early 70s were not filled with TV, radio or computer games, but there are a few pieces of music that take me back to some funny things...

Saying farewell

Just for those moments when you have to say adieu...never easy but made more bearable by thinking of all the good

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