Pakistan take India to 6-2 in the THIRD over

Mohammed Amir takes two early Indian wickets in the ICC Champions Trophy at The Oval, 18th June 2017
India on the way down?

Well, if that isn’t the underdog biting back I don’t know what is.  Mohammed Amir! Wow…

I turned TMS off to get a late bite of lunch thinking that India were in an unassailable position….what a game cricket is.



Edited at 5:00pm to say: don’t you just love it when the underdogs win like that?  What an amazing performance from Pakistan.  Quite, quite brilliant.

Trooping tradition

Today’s Trooping of the Colour is hard to beat.

Trooping the Colour, 17th June 2017








The band’s spin wheel is still a thing of wonder.

PM just doesn’t have what it takes

Theresa May interviewed by Emily Maitlis, 16th June 2017
Hasn’t got it

Mrs May just hasn’t got “it”.  It’s a difficult quality to pin down, but you can tell, very easily, if it’s not there. Watching Emily Maitlis’s interview of the PM after she had retreated from St. Clement’s, it was all too clear.  The PM does not have it, and, very sadly, she clearly doesn’t get it either.

A bit like Donald Rumsfeld’s “unknown unknowns”, Mrs May does not seem able to grasp that she needs to show that she’s got it.

Even if you didn’t agree with much of his politics you could see that Tony Blair “had it”,  David Cameron “had it” (indeed it could be argued that “it” was all that he did have as he was curiously devoid of burning ambitions.) Thatcher had it. Clinton was naturally endowed with more “it” than anyone has a right to expect .  Reagan had it.

Major did not have it, but found it in his time in office.  Brown never had it.  Ed Milliband never had it, but embarrassingly David Milliband did.  That must make for slightly strained family gatherings.

What is “it”.  Charisma? Empathy? Speed? All of the above, wrapped with the self-confidence to handle whatever is coming.

Sadly, Mrs May does not have “it”, any “it” at all in fact….

You can not win an ODI with 211 runs

Moeen Ali caught out in ICC Champions Trophy semi-final, Cardiff 14 June 2017
Fakhar Zaman catches Moeen off Junaid Khan

When Moeen went at 162-6 in the 39th over it seemed that there was no way back really.  There wasn’t.
Hubris and nemesis.
Well played Pakistan.

Seriously? Damien Green???? Damien Green?

Damien Green is appointed First Secretary of State, 11th June 2017
Just depressing

So much for promoting candidates of ability and potential. Damien Green as First Secretary and Deputy PM.  Other than providing a nervous PM with the reassurance of a friend in the house I can see nothing to recommend Damien Green’s promotion to the First Secretary rôle.  Nothing whatsoever.


Michael Gove appointed Environment Secretary, 11th June 2017
Gove had to come back…

Bringing Gove back I understand and, despite his total snake-like demonstration of first-order stupidity over the leadership election last year, it must be right.  Gove would have been a much better candidate for First Secretary than Damien Twirpface, but then anyone would have been a better candidate than that waste of space.


Boris Johnson doing the whole loyalty thing 11th June 2017
I have this shirt…

BoJo is doing the enthusiastic loyal labrador dance. Good man.




A Stokes innings to remember

Eoin Morgan congratulates Ben Stokes at Edgbaston, 10th June 2017
Nice one Stokes!

Amidst the political gloom, a ray of cricketing sunshine (if one admittedly curtailed by rain) in the form of a lovely innings from Ben Stokes and a great partnership with Eoin Morgan.

After Roooooot was caught for 15 in the sixth over, taking England to a worrying 35-3, Stokes blasted 102 off 109 balls, while Morgan took five 6s in his 87 before he was run out.  What a joy to watch.  Buttler was just getting going too when rain stopped play with England at 240-4 in the 41st over sending Australia home on a Duckworth-Lewis basis.

Profoundly satisfying.